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How to evoke Marrakech without evoking the party, the fiesta, the crazy nights, the most incredible stories, the craziest stories about magical and limitless evenings whose imagination and beauty are beyond comprehension on this land. Admittedly, Marrakech is synonymous with celebration, small with friends or family for a birthday, average for a bachelor party or a bachelorette party to the most imposing for Garden Parties and splendid weddings with People. from all over the world. To satisfy your desires we organize your evenings such as your wedding, your birthday, your garden party, your Bar-mitzvah, your EVG and EVJF up to about 40 people and we take care of local Moroccan artists, your brunch, your aperitif, your open bar during the evening, your flowers, your decoration, candles, sound and light, the DJ. More than 40 people present during the event, we collaborate with our service providers such as Wedding Planner and on-site event agency whose job it is.

Prices :
Brunch: 15 € to 20 € / pers
Aperitif: € 10 to € 15 / pers.
Birthday cake: between € 40 and € 200 (cake)
Fire-eaters / jugglers: 130 € / artist
Belly dancer: 130 € / artist
Djumbé and drumb player: 250€/evening (add 100€ per additional player)
Gnawa group: 550 € / evening (group of 4 people)
Chaabi group: 550 € / evening (group of 4 to 5 people)
Packge Live Gnawa + Chaabi + Drummer: 850 € / evening
Dj: 550 € / evening
Saxophonist: 450 € / evening
Giant puppets: 550 € / evening
Provision of a Photobooth: 950 € / evening
For the sound and DJ evening: Pionner control room with RCF 12 evox sound system and DJ: €750/evening
Sound rental only:
Two amplified speakers RCF 12 evox 2×1400 watts with Yamaha mixer installation and transport: 520€/day
Two Bose amplified speakers. 2×300 watts with a Yamaha or RCF table: 350€ per day

For other services, do not hesitate to contact us.

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